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2020-2021 Program of Work

National SkillsUSA has announced the new Program of Work! It is divided into the following six categories: Advocacy and Marketing, Community Engagement, Financial Management, Leadership Development, Partner & Alumni Engagement, and Workplace Experiences. More information can be found on the Program of Work page!

Chapter Documents & Program of Work (Due 11/1)

Link to Wufoo Form

Both your chapter documents and program of work must be submitted to Arizona SkillsUSA at the beginning on the SkillsUSA year, before November 1st.

Membership Registration (Due 11/1 & 3/1)

Instructions found on the right.

Important Note: SkillsUSA will be doing half-year membership this year, so there are two due dates for member registration.

Statement of Assurance

Every Advisor must complete this form and submit it to SkillsUSA Arizona once per school year. The Statement of Assurance verifies that each attending student has completed the Liability & Medical Release Form. Advisors: Keep your students Medical and Liability Release form on-hand at each conference. Do NOT send copies to the SkillsUSA office. Link is in the resources column, and the form will open August 1st, 2020.

New Advisor Training (August 6th & 7th)

Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSO) will take your CTE Program to the next level! This course is designed for first, second and third year advisors who want to effectively manage a CTSO. During this course advisors will discuss how to seamlessly integrate a CTSO into their curriculum, brainstorm fundraising opportunities, share strategies for conducting awards recognition functions and explore related legal and ethical considerations. Advisors will also be acquainted with CTSO resources available to them. Come and learn about the CTSO that YOU will be advising!
This is an ADE approved Professional Development Event. Upon completion of this training and any homework assigned you will earn the equivalent of one college credit.

Skillsusa Quizzes

Advisors are encouraged to use the following quizzes with their students to help educate about SkillsUSA!

SkillsUSA Framework Quiz

Workplace Skill Quiz

Arizona Technical Skills Quiz

Arizona Personal Skills Quiz

2020 SkillsUSA Knowledge Quiz

Payment Policy

In an effort to be accountable to our members, Board of Directors, and accounting policies, SkillsUSA Arizona has published our policy for past due invoices. This policy is in no way meant to scold individuals but only to keep our organization financially responsible.

30-60-90 Day Past Due Invoice Policy

(Fee summaries/Invoices are available at any time on our online registration system.)

30 Days: an email is sent to the teacher with an invoice attached reminding them of the balance due

60 Days: a letter with a statement and invoice is sent to the Teacher, Principal, Local Director, and Accounting office

90 Days: a letter, statement and new invoice with late fee is sent to the Teacher, Principal, Local Director, Superintendent, and Accounting office. Invoices past 90 days are subject to a 2% late fee that will continue to compound monthly until the balance is paid.

If an invoice reaches 90 days past due, the SkillsUSA section will become ineligible to participate in SkillsUSA state-sponsored events until the invoice and late fees are satisfied. Pre‐payment may be required for all future events in the same school year.

Arizona skillsusa

State Advisor

Michelle Martinez | | (602)542-5565


3300 N. Central Ave | 18th Floor | Phoenix, AZ | 85012


1535 W. Jefferson Street | Phoenix, AZ | 85007


Phone| 602-542-5565
Fax | 602-903-7225


P.O. Box 1440 | Owassa, OK| 74055
Phone| 602-892-4773|

Arizona Department of Education

Cathie Raymond, Deputy Associate Superintendent

Julie Ellis, Director, Career and Technical Student Organizations


Cindy Gutierrez, Director, Program Services


Bruce Watkins, Program Specialist Agriculture, Fire Service, Law


Tracy Rexroat, Program Specialist Engineering Sciences, Industrial Technologies


Jamie Miller, Program Specialist Industrial Trades Education


Elena Sobampo, Program Specialist Business, Marketing, and Media


Jason Wojcik, Program Specialist, Public Service Careers, Transportation Technologies


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