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Membership Kits

These membership kits are provided by SkillsUSA to help advisors start a successful chapter and navigate the SkillsUSA year!

2020-2021 Membership Kit Download

For more information, visit the National SkillsUSA website!

steps to start your skillsusa year

Want to ensure a great start to your school year? One that will engage students in program opportunities that will increase their technical, workplace and personal skills? SkillsUSA programs are integral to the career and technical education classroom and lab.

It is the perfect fit to support you academically and provide students with leadership opportunities. The following steps will ensure that you successfully start the school year and engage students in leading the chapter.

  1. Secure SUPPORT from your school administration

  2. CONNECT to your state director and state office

  3. INCORPORATE SkillsUSA into your syllabus, and include Membership Form, Parent Letter and SkillsUSA Brochure that showcases the value of SkillsUSA for students

  4. Create excitement and AWARENESS by showing students the SkillsUSA kickoff videos

  5. Select your first MEETING date, and advertise the meeting

  6. Hold officer ELECTIONS, select committee chairs and dive into the Program of Work

  7. Introduce SkillsUSA Points for Professional Development and Leadership to earn RECOGNITION

  8. Display the SkillsUSA THEME poster, Educated and Skilled to Lead America

  9. Display the SkillsUSA PROGRAM poster that includes all of the exciting ways in which students can get involved in SkillsUSA

  10. SHOW the SkillsUSA membership PowerPoint presentations during an open house

  11. INCLUDE administrators in your early chapter success

  12. REGISTER yourself and your students as members of SkillsUSA

Arizona skillsusa

State Advisor

Michelle Martinez | | (602)542-5565


3300 N. Central Ave | 18th Floor | Phoenix, AZ | 85012


1535 W. Jefferson Street | Phoenix, AZ | 85007


Phone| 602-542-5565
Fax | 602-903-7225


P.O. Box 1440 | Owassa, OK| 74055
Phone| 602-892-4773|

Arizona Department of Education

Cathie Raymond, Deputy Associate Superintendent

Julie Ellis, Director, Career and Technical Student Organizations


Cindy Gutierrez, Director, Program Services


Bruce Watkins, Program Specialist Agriculture, Fire Service, Law


Tracy Rexroat, Program Specialist Engineering Sciences, Industrial Technologies


Jamie Miller, Program Specialist Industrial Trades Education


Elena Sobampo, Program Specialist Business, Marketing, and Media


Jason Wojcik, Program Specialist, Public Service Careers, Transportation Technologies


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