Championships Contest List

Note: This list is from 2019-2020 and has not been updated for the new year.

Middle School Contests

Job Skill Demonstration A

Job Skill Demonstration Open

Opening & Closing Ceremonies

Outstanding Chapter

Prepared Speech (State Only)

Promotional Bulletin Board (State Only)

Career Pathways Showcase: Arts and Communications (State Only)

Career Pathways Showcase: Business, Management and Technology (State Only)

Career Pathways Showcase: Human Services (State Only)

Career Pathways Showcase: Industrial and Engineering Technology (State Only)

Day 1: Leadership Competitions

Action Skills (Secondary)

Career Pathways Showcase: Arts and Communications (Secondary)

Career Pathways Showcase: Business, Management and Technology (Secondary)

Career Pathways Showcase: Human Services (Secondary)

Career Pathways Showcase: Industrial and Engineering Technology (Secondary)

Chapter Display (Secondary)

Community Service (Secondary)

Customer Service (Secondary)

Employment Application Process (Secondary & Post-Secondary)

Engineering Technology/Design (Secondary)

Entrepreneurship (Secondary)

Extemporaneous Speaking (Secondary)

Opening & Closing Ceremonies (Secondary)

Outstanding Chapter (Secondary)

Pin Design (Secondary, Submissions Due March 13th)

Prepared Speech (Secondary)

Promotional Bulletin Board (Secondary)

Quiz Bowl (Secondary)

Related Technical Math (Secondary and Post Secondary)

T-Shirt Design (Submissions Due March 13th)

Day 2: Technical Skills Competitions

3-D Visualization and Animation (Secondary)

Advertising Design (Regional Qualifier, Secondary, State Only)

Architectural Drafting (Secondary, State Only)

Audio/Radio Production (Secondary/Post-Secondary)

Automated Manufacturing Technology (Secondary)

Automotive Refinishing Technology (Secondary)

Automotive Service Technology (Regional Qualifier, Secondary)

Broadcast News Production (Regional Qualifier, Secondary)

Cabinetmaking (Secondary)

Carpentry (Regional Qualifier, Secondary)

Collision Repair Technology (Secondary)

Cosmetology (Secondary)

Construction Technology (Secondary, State Only)

Crime Scene Investigation (Regional Qualifier, Secondary)

Criminal Justice (Regional Qualifier, Secondary)

Criminal Justice Bowl (Secondary, State Only)

Cyber Security Demonstration (Secondary)

Diesel Equipment Technology (Secondary)

Digital Cinema Production (Secondary)

Electrical Construction Wiring (Secondary)

Esthetics (Secondary)

Firefighting (Secondary)

Information Technology Services (Secondary)

Interactive Application and Video Game Development (Secondary)

Internetworking (Secondary)

Masonry (Secondary)

Mobile Robotics Technology (Secondary)

Model Building (Secondary, State Only)

Photography Basic (Secondary, State Only)

Plumbing (Secondary)

Power Equipment Technology (Secondary)

Robotics and Automation Technology (Secondary)

Screen Printing Technology

Technical Drafting (Secondary)

Technical Drafting Basic (Secondary, State Only)

Technical Theater (Secondary, State Only)

Television (Video) Production (Regional Qualifier, Secondary)

Web Design (Secondary)

Welding (Regional Qualifier, Secondary)

Welding Fabrication (Regional Qualifier, Secondary)

Welding Sculpture (Secondary)

Two Day Competitions

Automated Manufacturing Technology (Secondary)

Digital Cinema Production (Secondary)

Mobile Robotics Technology (Secondary)

Photography (Regional Qualifier, Secondary)* in virtual planning mode*

TeamWorks (Secondary & Post-Secondary)

National Qualifiers

The following competitions are at the national level for SkillsUSA but are not offered at Arizona State Championships. As a result, some regions held state qualifiers at their own conferences. The students that qualified in these competitions at regionals will go straight to Nationals, but will also be recognized at State Championships, during the Awards Ceremony.

Building Maintenance

CNC: Milling Technician, Technician, and Turning Technology


Telecommunication Cabling

Mobile Electronics Installation

State Only: These competitions are only offered at the Arizona SkillsUSA State Championship. There will not be any qualifying for state 

Regional Qualifier: Students can only compete in these competitions if they competed and qualified at their regional conference

Secondary: These competitions are offered for secondary students

Post-Secondary: These competitions are offered for post-secondary students

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