State Championships

April 19-20, 2022
Phoenix Convention Center

Quick information

Registration Opens: TBD

Registration Closes: TBD

How To Register: TBD

Registration Cost:

  • $95.00 per competitor/advisor

  • $50.00 per state only contestant/middle school contestant

  • $45.00 per working advisor

Conference Flyer: Coming Soon!

Purchase Order (P.O. Guide): Download

Date: April 19 - 20, 2022

Conference Agenda: TBA

Location: Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix, AZ

Clothing Requirements

For more information, please download the Clothing Classification PDF.

Conference Description
SkillsUSA Arizona is excited to be back in person for our end of the year event! State Championships will bring competitors from across the state to the Phoenix Convention Center to apply the skills they have learned from their CTE program to SkillsUSA competitive events! In addition, those who do well enough will get the chance to move on to compete at SkillsUSA National Leadership and Skills Conference.

Join our Goosechase game as we add scavenger hunt type questions throughout the day! Check out our GooseChase flyer for more information: GooseChase Flyer.